Info Covid-19

Safe holiday

In this section you will find all the information you need to spend a wonderful holiday in safety.

Is there an entertainment service?

Of course. Our entertainment service will be active from 18/06 to 10/09

What are the procedures for participating in the activities?

All animation activities are organised in order to guarantee distancing and safety for guests and operators.

What activities can be carried out?
All activities allowing for the necessary distancing will be possible: mini-club with workshops reorganised into small groups, fitness activities, individual sports and evening entertainment.
Is the guest's body temperature measured on arrival?

The operator is entitled to measure the temperature and prevent access if the temperature exceeds 37.5 °C.

Is online pre-check-in available?

It is possible to pre-check in to speed up entry procedures. It is therefore advisable to also book camping stays.

Are there any special rules to be observed in the facility?

There are three basic principles to be observed which guarantee safety:
1) Use of a mask in enclosed spaces;
2) Personal hygiene;
3) Spacing of at least one metre;

Do I have to wear a mask while on holiday?

Guests must wear a mask in closed rooms (indoor pizzeria, gastronomy, etc.) and when it is not possible to guarantee an interpersonal distance of at least one metre (except for members of the same household).

Do I have to wear disposable gloves while on holiday?

The use of disposable gloves is not compulsory, but the use of hydro-alcoholic solutions for hand disinfection is promoted and encouraged, including through dispensers located in the main areas of the facility.

What are the rules for using the toilets and how are they sanitised?

Sanitising gel is available at the entrance to each group of sanitary facilities, and all sanitary facilities can be used within the prescribed distances. The safety of the users is also guaranteed by the constant sanitisation of the contact surfaces and sanitary facilities by specialised personnel and by natural air circulation.

Are there sanitising products at the entrance to the Pizzeria/Trattoria?

Yes, hygiene products are available for customers and staff.

Is it possible to book a meal?

Yes, reservation is strongly recommended.

Is take-away available?

Yes, also with reservation possibility.

Does the Pizzeria/Trattoria have outdoor tables?

Yes. The Pizzeria/Trattoria has two open-air rooms.

At what distance between tables is it possible to eat?

Tables must be laid out in such a way that the seating ensures a minimum distance between customers of one metre, except for persons who, according to the regulations in force, are not subject to interpersonal distancing; the latter is a matter of individual responsibility.

How did you solve the problem of consulting the menus?
The menus are created using QR codes, and we also offer the possibility of disposable paper menus.
If one of my crew members is infected, am I entitled to a full refund?

No amount relating to the stay booked will be charged in the event of cancellation due to infection by sars-cov2 of a crew member whose details have been provided by the holder (using the form in the reserved area of the site) prior to the infection itself; the infection must be adequately documented and involve a travel ban

Am I entitled to reimbursement in the event of traffic restrictions imposed by public authorities that make it impossible to reach the facility?

Of course, in that case no penalty will be charged.

Is it possible and safe to swim in the pool?

Yes, the chlorine content of the pool water is constantly monitored. The crowding density in the pool is calculated using an index of 7 m2 of water surface area per person.

Is it possible to use the solarium and green areas?

Yes, the crowding density in sunbathing and green areas is calculated with an index of no less than 7 sqm of walking area per person. The sunbeds will be arranged keeping the distances between them. They will be sanitised by the staff every time the user changes.

Are there any sanitising products in the pool area?

Yes, it is compulsory to sanitise hands on entry.

Is entry to the pool restricted?
The maximum number of accesses and the cleaning and sanitisation activities will be managed in accordance with current Covid-19 protocols.